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eBooks And Electronic Documents

What is an Ebook?

An eBook is an electronic document. In modern terminology, we could define it as the electronic or digital version of a traditional printed book. Ebooks consist of text, images or both. It is often referred to the devices used to read these books, which is also known as an e-reader or eReader, like Kindle or Nook. Ebooks can be read using the computer, tablets or any mobile device. The market for e-book readers offers users a large number of reading devices from different manufacturers. Therefore, there is no standard format for digital books that is supported by all reading devices.

The publisher of an electronic book intends to reach as many readers as possible. Reading an eBook without problems on their devices depends on the file format chosen by the author.

Simply put, an ebook is what you’re reading on a screen of any type.

Where can you buy an Ebook?

The habit of reading books from electronic devices has been growing since the ease and comfort of using them is evident. In this way, Internet companies such as Amazon have taken advantage of this opportunity to develop specialized devices for reading. Besides Amazon, you can buy Ebooks from thousands of online retailers, including iBookstore and BARNES & NOBLE. You can also purchase Ebooks directly from an author’s website.

Ebook Features

Readers can change Ebooks' formats like font styles and line spacing, that means Ebook content needs to be flexible with the readers' preferences and devices.

History of an Ebook

The Gutenberg project developed by Michael Hart in 1971 whose purpose was to create a digital library of free electronic books from those that already existed physically, was one of the first efforts to carry out this project.

Latest Ebooks

Advantages of the Electronic Book

  • Electronic books do not occupy physical space, and Ereaders are compact. They weigh very little.
  • You can have a backup of your book even if you lose your reader.
  • With Ebooks, there is more interaction with the author. Electronic books make it possible to share your favorite quotes on different networks like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and others.
  • Electronic books are cheaper than physical books. Ebook prices are lower than printed books.
  • Ebooks make it easy for people with visual impairments to obtain and access books. Some Ereaders are designed primarily for these people.
  • You can get electronic books almost instantly.
  • Electronic editions of the book will always be available globally.
  • With Ebooks, you can easily search for a word with keywords.
  • Ebooks are easy to find and correct errors or add information.

Disadvantages of the Electronic Book

  • E-book readers need a computer and also an Internet connection to buy e-books.
  • The electronic book reader can be damaged.
  • Getting an Ebook Requires a minimum knowledge in technology. The person who uses it will need to be able to connect to the internet, find a book, download it and pass it on to the ebook, people who have never done it will need a little help to get it.
  • Although Gift Cards exist in online stores, ebooks don’t have a charm of a printed book and also the process is not natural to buy an ebook for an inexperienced person.
  • Ebook devices need constant charging.
  • An ebook reader is of a higher value than a traditional book.
  • Many authors and publishers are afraid of the loss of commercial control of the work due to unauthorized copies (the same fear that existed in the music).
  • Ebooks don’t have the smell of the printed books.
  • Not all books have digitized versions, you can’t read old editions with your Ebook.

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